My name is Ari Mannis I started making web sites in 2004. I have created many websites and own various high level domain names. I have made websites for comedians, magazines, sports teams, retail, lawyers, realtors, bands, and many more. I work hard on every project I start, and pursue it until it is complete. I strive to have affordable prices and high quality work.

If you would like to know more about me, have any questions, in need of advice, or would like to have pricing information you can contact me by clicking the contact link on the top of the page.

Below are some examples of sites that I created


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I charge anywhere from $xxx-$xxxx to start a website depending on the complexity of it.

Clients are welcome to use there own web host or I can provide hosting and maintenance. Fees I charge for hosting and maintenance are $5-$xxxx depending on the amount of content your site has and traffic it generates.

I also repair computers, and am a electronic consultant. I can save you money and effort in your buying decisions, as well as give one on one computer lessons.