Last night Ari was involved in a arrest at the Comedy Store here is live 360 broadcast for his official statement.

One thought on “Official Statement to the Arrest

  1. Jeanne Keevan-Lynch

    Hi Ari

    I heard about your home show via AIRBNB and tried to book seats for my son (18 y.o. UCLA student) and I for April 15. Although I am verified AirBnB user, the AIRBNB verification process for attending your show fell apart for me at the take a pic of your drivers license stage. (I am not tech savvy.) My son may be able to take a pic of my license with his computer tomorrow afternoon, but the only picture ID he has is his school ID, which won’t show his age, and an expired passport with a photo taken when he was about 7. If you would like to make sure we can come, please email me with your address and phone number, or call me on Friday at 707-895-2090 and we’ll bring cash. Thanks! –Jeanne

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