Getting to know San Diego on a date with Ari

Hello there and welcome to San Diego. It appears you have already read your custom poem and agreed to go on a date with Ari. You may or may not know this but Ari actually grew up in San Diego spending the first 12 years of his life living in both the south and north county of San Diego; He was then sent to Roswell, NM to the New Mexico Military Institute for his first two years of High School. He then returned to San Diego for his last two years of High School graduating from Torrey Pines High in Del Mar.

Back to the date… Dress is casual. Make sure to bring a change of clothes, swimsuit, and a deodorant stick. The rest will be provided. Below is how the day will break down.

 1. Board and Brew Sandwiches 12:00 – 1:00pm
Started in 1979 Board and Brew is a legendary Del Mar sandwich place located on the coast line. Ari would go here many times during high school and on hot summer days after surfing. They are known for their secret sauce and amazing reviews.
board and brew.jpg

2. Rock Climbing at Mesa Rim 1:30 – 3:00pm
Yes I know indoor rock climbing is old news and can be done anywhere but not like at Mesa Rim. Mesa Rim is the largest rock climbing gym on the west coast with over 30,000 square feet of climbing and besides. Rock climbing makes for a fun and exciting work out. This gym has yoga and exercise equipment but more importantly it is one of Ari’s favorite hobbies.
mesa rim

 3. Cliff jumping at Sunset Cliffs 3:30 – 4:30pm
Tired and sweaty from rock climbing? What better way to rinse off the sweat and get energy than jumping into the ocean off the sunset cliffs in Ocean Beach.

 4. Mount Soledad 5:00 – 6:00pm
OK you clean? You might recognize this next location from Will Ferrell’s hit movie Anchorman. At the top you can overlook the greatest city in the entire world.
mt soledad

 5. Fidel’s Mexican Restaurant 7-8pm
I don’t know about you but after that day I am getting hungry again. San Diego is known for its amazing Mexican cuisine. Lets go to Fidel’s in Solana Beach for some delicious mouth watering food and margaritas.

 6. Jacuzzi 9-10pm
Woooh, what a day I am tired. Lets grab a few cold bears and relax in Ari’s parents Jacuzzi. If Ari couldn’t muster up the courage to kiss you at Mt. Soledad this is where it will happen.

7.Shower/Movie/Bed 10:15pm-Morning
Wow I am exhausted how about you? Lets jump in the shower (same shower of course, go green). Now that we are all clean it is time to cozy up on the couch with a glass of wine and watch a movie while falling asleep in Ari’s arms. Sweet dreams.
Big Screen Baseball_edited-2

Hope you had fun and if Ari did too you may just see him again 😉

Guide to longboarding Road Safety

As the sport of longboarding grows so do the injuries and unfortunately the casualties. It seems that every year I hear about a horrible crash or accident where someone passes away. There is no fool proof method to staying safe on a longboard there is no getting around the fact that it is a fairly dangerous sport which is part of the fun and excitement however after skating from Oregon to New York I have put together this guide which may seem obvious to some however maybe just maybe will prevent an injury in which case it has done its job.

The obvious wear a helmet – Let me go further, buckle your helmet, there is almost no point in wearing a helmet if it is not securely on your head. I’ll go even further wear a helmet even when just cruising down the street, wear a helmet when your dog pulls you on your board, wear a helmet whenever you step on the board! I too get lazy sometimes it’s good to keep an extra helmet around or in the car so that you do not forget or if a friend comes over. Helmets start at under $10 so you have no excuse!

Ditch those headphones – Use backpack or cell phone speakers or better yet enjoy the sound of your environment – Yea riding with tunes rocks but when you put on those headphones it prevents you from hearing when a car is coming, it is important to be aware of your surroundings, looking around is important but so is hearing, hey maybe you’ll find yourself out there.

Be predictable – Remember cars do not want to hit you but drivers can be impatient, be predictable do not weave in and out of lanes so that cars can pass you, let them switch lanes, this is called taking the lane, be confident. If the shoulder is big enough feel free to stay to the side. Do not ride against traffic, ride as if you are part of traffic!

So now you are saying OK OK there’s no way in hell I’m gonna take charge and take the lane on a high speed road, that’s fine use hand singles and pull over to the side, come to a stop and let the cars pass.

(Note just watch the first part from 3:44 not the whole video)

Avoid riding at night – Most of us are not professionals but if you must try to use a headlight/taillight/reflective clothing. When riding at night it is hard to see what is in front of you such as pebbles, glass, and road kill, however what may be even more dangerous is a car not being able to see you, invest in some led lights for your helmet or board, try to be as visible as possible both during the day and night.

Follow lane signs – Meaning don’t go straight in a turn only lane, do not blow through red lights.

Learn to stop – Sliding looks bad-ass and can save you but at least learn to foot brake, even better learn to foot brake on both sides for those narrow lanes.

Be loud – If your cruising down the street with lots of pedestrians make it known you are coming, “On your left!”.

Make sure your board is in good condition – Having a bearing seize on you is no fun and you will most likely be thrown off of your board so make sure to have a good set of bearings with all your nuts and screws secured.

I am sure there is plenty of things I missed so feel free to add your safety tips in the comments!

Stay Safe,

Ari Mannis

Cross Platform Freeware List

Document Reader

LibreOffice – Has most of the same features as Microsoft Office however not quite as fancy as an interface. Can read and write Microsoft office documents. Why pay money for office when you can use this for free.

Tip – Change the save settings to automatically save documents in .doc format, if you save files in the open office format users with Microsoft word might not be able to open it.

Google Docs – Keeps all your documents online.

Media Players

VLC Media Player – This lightweight player plays every video file I have thrown at it except for real media files, it can also play mp3, .iso, and DVD’s, especially a must have if you download movies.

Songbird – Good replacement for iTunes.

Web Browsers

Firefox – Constantly updated so any bugs or security threats are usually fixed fast, and has tons of extensions to choose from.



Thunderbird – Good replacement for mail or outlook.

Image Editing

Gimp – Photoshop replacement.

Picasa – Much like iPhoto a great for collecting your photos, doing basic edits, tags, and  backing up your photos online.

Instant Messaging

Skype – IM, Video, Audio chat, can also be used to call regular phones.

Tip – Not a native app but I personally like living in a cloud, Meebo is a great online IM client that connect to just about anything.



I also like FireFTP which is a firefox extension.

Other Programs

Google Earth – Offers maps and satellite images for complex or pinpointed regional searches.

Logmein – Control your computer remotely when your not at home.

Celtx – Combines full-feature scriptwriting with pre-production support and also enables online collaboration.


Wormux – Just like the classic worms game but free and cross platform.

If you know of any other cool free cross platform apps, let me know about them!

How to download files using Rapidshare

Although BitTorrent seems to be the most popular form of downloading… I prefer to use file-hosting sites to share and download my files. The disadvantage to torrents is that your ip address is publicly displayed to anyone and everyone who wants to see it, there is no anonymity using torrents. In order for torrents to download fast there needs to be a lot of seeders, meaning the more popular the file is the faster it downloads, some times it takes days to download a file.  With file hosting sites such as rapidshare every file downloads at the same speed and although the file-hosting site has your ip address the rest of the world does not.  The disadvantage to file hosting is that although many have a free solution for the service to be optimal you need to pay for a premium account. However if you upload files and enough people download them you can get a premium account for free, some file hosts will even pay you to upload files. I personally use the service enough so that the few dollars a month is definitely worth it.

For this guide I will be using a premium account it has been fast and reliable for me.

Note: There are many ways to download using rapidshare, this is my favorite.

Install Firefox if you do not have it already and use these Firefox plugins

Flashgot, DownloadThemAll

In Flashgot settings, make sure DTA is set as the default download manager. Do this by right clicking anywhere in a page.

flashgot settings
Install WinRar if you use windows, UnRarX if you use mac. (Or any program that handles .rar files)
1. Purchase a Rapidshare Premium Account

2. Login to the Premium Zone, settings; check the box for direct downloads, click save.

direct downloads

Finding Links
Due to legal issues I will not post links to rapidshare file hosting sites many of them are not legal, however a simple internet search you can find them.

4. Find a forum or rapidshare index site that you like, I prefer a forum so that you can read reviews of the uploaded files.

5. Search for the “legal” movie, game, or application you want. Preferably pick one that has positive comments and no password for the links.

You will then see a list of links (example)

6. Highlight all of the links with your cursor, right click, go to flashgot selection, Next make sure all the links are checked and a download location is set, then simply click start, and your off.


dlta step
When finished downloading if you download .rar files extract them using your .rar program.


Q. After starting the download, all links say 100% instantly.

A. Make sure direct downloads is checked in your account settings, Also make sure the link is still a working download. You can do this by highlight one link and past it in the browser address bar.

Q. I finished downloading my movie, my video won’t play what should I do?

A. Download VLC Media Player.